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Pure Topical Roll On by On Duty CBD Review

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The use of cannabidiol (CBD) is increasing in popularity. The 2018 Farm Bill gave the green light for the cultivation of hemp and production of CBD products. Today, people interested in CBD have access to products from many companies. There are many CBD products to choose from including oils, gummies, lotion, and others. However, not all CBD products are high-quality.

On Duty CBD is a veteran-run company that uses only ingredients sourced from the United States to manufacture its products.

On Duty CBD works with veterans in Kentucky who grow hemp under strict conditions and without any pesticides. On Duty CBD has a lab located in Lexington where all its products are manufactured. The company works with Ph.D. chemists, medical doctors, scientists, and technicians to manufacture its products. This company handles the manufacturing of its products in-house; from the growing of the hemp plants to the bottling of the final product. On Duty CBD works with third-party labs to test all its products to ensure their safety. The results of these tests are made available online.

Like other products by CBD On Duty, Pure Topical Roll-On does not contain any harmful chemicals. Pure Topical Roll On is made with high-quality organic materials and does not contain pesticides, chemicals, or heavy metals. Pure Topical Roll On is vegan-friendly and has not been tested on any animals.

Pure Topical Roll On by In Duty CBD is produced with full spectrum hemp flower extracts. This product also contains Coconut MCT oil (coconut derived C-8 and C-10 triglycerides). Pure Topical Roll-On comes in 10ml bottles. You get 330mg of cannabidiol per bottle.

You can buy a bottle of Pure Topical Roll-On directly from the On Duty CBD online shop for only $36.95. This company also offers free shipping, so you do not have to worry about the extra cost.

Besides Pure Topical Roll On, CBD On Duty has other products such as a CBD lotion, full spectrum CBD oil, THC free CBD oil as well as CBD oil for pets. On Duty CBD have excellent customer service. The company also has a medical team ready to answer all your questions and concerns.

On Duty CBD is one of the few US-based CBD companies that can be trusted. The people behind On Duty CBD have served their country on the battlefield, and they continue to serve the American people with high-quality CBD products.

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