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How to become a cloud chaser

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Cloud chasers are vapers who create huge cloud vapors using an electronic cigarette. Usually, vape juices with high vegetable glycerin (VG) content produce massive cloud vapers. Sub-ohm tanks and RDAs with low resistance coils are best for creating large clouds and practicing cloud tricks. Cloud chasing is a popular sport in the vaping community now. There are several events and cloud chasing competitions held throughout the year for the cloud chasers to compete. The winner is decided based on the intensity of clouds created and the best tricks performed.

Nowadays, many vapers around the world are interested in cloud chasing. Some do this for fun when they vape in groups and challenge each other to create bigger clouds. There are a few vapers who perform cloud chasing more seriously and compete in competitions to demonstrate their skills. Cloud chasing competitions are regularly attended by professional cloud chasers and people who are interested in watching the competition. Some small competitions award free vaping gear for the best cloud chasers while the bigger competitions offer cash prizes for the winners.

A vape juice free from nicotine and high vegetable glycerin (VG) content is required for cloud chasing. VG is the main ingredient in the vape juice that creates density in the clouds and is responsible to generate massive cloud vapors. Zero nicotine vape juice is best for cloud chasing since you will be inhaling loads of vape juice. If you use nicotine-infused vape juice, a huge amount of nicotine will get absorbed into your bloodstream and might cause further health complications. Vape juice with 70% or more VG is perfect for cloud chasing. Use devices equipped with chipsets offering safety features for cloud chasing.

Unregulated box mods or mech mods are good for cloud chasing as these devices can provide the raw power required to create massive clouds. Rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) can produce huge chunks of cloud vapors similar to sub-ohm tanks. The airflow of your vaping device needs to be adjusted while chasing clouds as too much airflow will reduce the density of clouds while not enough airflow will reduce the volume of vapor. So, find a setting that can produce dense clouds without affecting the volume of clouds.

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