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How Relx Technology Strives to Make Vaping Even Better

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Even though vaping is touted as less harmful than traditional cigarettes, there are still many questions that seem unanswered or have limited answers. Regardless, based on the fact that it is considered less harmful, health bodies in countries like the UK, Canada, and New Zealand are enacting measures to help the majority of the cigarette smoking citizens to quit smoking and consider vaping.

Relxor Relx Technologies is China’s largest electronic cigarette manufacturer. The company is not your average manufacturer in the vaping industry, they are a top-notch manufacturer that combines cutting edge technology with sleek yet minimalist builds to give you a product that is not just more elegant than what you would easily find at any vape store, but also more sophisticated than many vaping options on the market. Regardless of the fact that they came into the market in 2018, today, they can boast of over 7 of their own products.

Some of their products include the Relx Infinity Device, Relx Essential Device, Relx Pod Pro, Relx Classic Starter Kit, Relx Pods, and the Relx Nano 2. They also have stylish accessories like the Infinity charging case that adds even more finesse to your Relx vaping experience.

In the case of their pods, they have them available in varying nicotine concentrations designed to satisfy even the heaviest of vapers. You also get to enjoy an array of delicious flavors so you always have something to look forward to while you enjoy your vaping sessions. Whether you enjoy rich tobacco, or you are more of a lover of fruity combinations, then there is a Relx pod for you. You can find out more on

The best part is that from their vape devices, down to their pods, Relx makes all of their products available at affordable rates so everyone can enjoy the pleasures of authentic, high-quality vaping.

They boast of an 18-step quality control process to ensure that every one of the products that they release to the market is reliable and free of any issues relating to overheating, short-circuiting and leaking. Another point to consider is the quality of their pods as against counterfeit pods and e juices in the market. Their e juices are made in a suitable environment that is free of contaminants, and also free of Toluene.

Relx’s founder and CEO, Kate Wang, “Science is the foundation of trust. As the industry leader, we have the responsibility to expand the borders of e-cigarette science and explore the unknown,”.Over the years, Relx has launched several groundbreaking measures to help make the vaping industry a better and safer one for the millions of consumers that use vaping products every day.

One of such measures is the Golden Shield Program that works together with local authorities to raid factories and confiscate counterfeit products before they make their way into the hands of unsuspecting vapers. In the case of their own products, they have QR codes that help even newbies that know nothing about them to verify their authenticity. Another is the Relx bioscience laboratory which was launched to study the impact of Relx products on the respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems of animals.

By doing this, they are able to manufacture less harmful electronic cigarettes and thereby provide a better alternative for the myriad of smokers looking to transition to vaping. If we are focused on health, then it is certain that neither smoking nor vaping is a safe choice. However, rather than suffering from the harmful side effects of smoking, smokers are now advised to consider vaping because, for many smokers, quitting smoking at once can be an impossible ordeal and many health authorities acknowledged this.

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