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CBD and its Role in Cancer Treatment

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If you’ve heard anything about CBD, then you may have heard about its therapeutic uses and benefits. It is important to bear in mind, however, that even though CBD is a kind of cannabinoid, an active component in the hemp plant or marijuana, it in no way creates the feeling of being “high.”

Rather, it can be harnessed for treatment of a variety of ailments and disorders. For people suffering from anxiety, CBD has worked wonders in helping to stabilize their condition. For those who suffer epileptic bouts also, it has helped to reduce the occurrence of their seizures. For patients with diseases that obstruct the proper functioning of the brain and nerves over time too, CBD has shown to make massive improvements. It doesn’t come as a surprise therefore that studies are beginning to make headway about how effective CBD oil could be in helping patients combat cancer.

By combining the use of CBD with other cannabinoids like THC, studies have shown that the growth of certain varieties of cancer cells can be slowed or outrightly terminated. Studies were also conducted on certain animals that had cancerous cells with CBD and the results showed that indeed there are certain properties that this compound contains that has the ability to stifle the growth of cancer cells so they do not spread rapidly.

As a matter of fact, the National Cancer Institute has come out to state emphatically that cannabinoids like CBD and THC have everything it takes to treat the side effects of cancer. There’s even better news and it’s that they can also alleviate the pain caused by cancer treatments including chemotherapy. It is, however, important to remember that though studies back CBD to treat symptoms of cancer, they haven’t yet shown that it has what it takes to cure the disease.

Nonetheless, what is comforting – and somewhat promising – is that it has the ability to curb inflammation and play a significant role in deciding how cells in the body reproduce. As a matter of fact, medical cannabis has shown to impede the growth of certain types of tumour cells. Another very intriguing aspect of cannabidiol (CBD) when used on cancer patients is that it always tends to attack the cancer cells whilst having no effect whatsoever on the healthy cells.

How to use CBD oil
There are a couple of ways CBD oil can be taken into the body to enjoy its benefits. While the CBD oil can be ingested in the form of a paste or drop, it should be held under the tongue first so it is well absorbed in the mouth before swallowing. If it isn’t done this way, chances are that the digestive system will break down some of the CBD and in effect, reduce its effectiveness.

Some people who prefer making use of vaping CBD as this gets it into the system as effectively as possible. Sometimes, it can be hard for the patient to ingest anything, not to talk of CBD oil. If this is the case, it may be applied topically through a lotion, cream or balm.

If you want to get started on CBD oil or want to assist a loved with it, you may first want to get in touch with your doctor or healthcare professional to discuss the plan.

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